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When a Loved One is Jailed for Sexual Assault

It may be hard to comprehend when your loved one has been arrested for sexual assault. You may be hurt, confused and scared, and you’re also probably wondering what to do next. There are a few first steps that one should follow when they find out that someone they love, whether it is their spouse or not, has been arrested for sexual assault. Some of those steps are outlined below.

Do Your Research on The Law

After you’ve given yourself a few hours to accept the truth facing you, the next best thing you could do is begin to research what sort of penalty will come with any conviction, especially in Angleton, Alvin, Houston, Brazoria and other areas of Texas where the punishment for sexual assault crimes are hefty. This will give you a better idea on how you could help your loved one best. Doing some research will also help you better understand what to expect and allow you to become more prepared to handle the months and moments in front of you. Not only will you feel better prepared but doing proper research will help you better help the accused loved one.

Retain a Defense Attorney

Perhaps one of the most important things which you could do for your loved one is to secure a proper defense attorney to aid in their case. This is true even if your loved one has opted to represent themselves, though that’s not recommended. Finding a proper defense attorney is crucial to the future and sentencing of your loved one. It’s also much better to obtain an attorney early on, as they will be able to become more familiar with the case and the overall outcome becomes much more likely to turn out favorably for your loved one. If you cannot afford an attorney with skill like Attorney Sandra J. Oballe, one will be provided to your loved one at no cost to them, though it’s better if one could be paid for.

Maintain Contact

If your loved one has not been released on bond, or cannot be, it’s still very important to keep a line of contact with them. This will not only provide much-needed support for the loved one but will allow you to better help them as well. This may also ease your mind, as you’ll be able to know how your loved one is doing in jail. Most jails will allow your loved one to make recorded calls to a preapproved list of recipients, letters are often also allowed. You’ll need to contact the facility to learn their individual mail and telephone rules. Letters are also a wonderful way to keep your loved one busy and distracted, as well as provide them with comfort and care. Try to maintain a fluid and open level of contact, this is best for both you and your loved one.

Provide Monetary Support

As an inmate, your loved one won’t often have a way to earn any money. Money is used for commissary items which may provide an extra layer of comfort to the inmate. Depending on the severity of the case, your loved one may not be able to earn their own money, as most jails don’t offer such an opportunity (though some prisons do.) Providing monetary support to your loved one is always very appreciated, and sometimes a necessity, as it allows them to buy extra toiletries, stamps, stationery, and food, among other important items. Contact the facility to find out more information about how you could send your loved one funds. They’ll be a lot better off for it.

Having a loved one get arrested of such a serious possible felony such as sexual assault is hard on both you and your loved one. However, there are many things which you could do to help your loved on during this difficult time. If you’re still unsure, it may be wise to ask the attorney for your loved one for recommendations, or ask your loved one the next time you’re able to speak with them. Most of all, remember to stay strong and hopeful during this hard time.